Features Of Hon File Cabinets And Replacement Options For Hon File Cabinet Keys

This article gives out the features of Hon 2 drawer cabinets and other Hon cabinets. It highlights the security features in these cabinets and even gives instructions on how to replace your Hon file cabinet keys if you lose them.

The high security, multi-purpose file cabinets from Hon and the availability of their keys make Hon the top choice for office and home cabinets. Durability, style and quality are the most important reasons for the popularity of all Hon cabinets. The Hon 2 drawer cabinets are particularly popular.

From the most simple to the most elaborate cabinet designs, all Hon cabinets can accommodate secure compartments for which keys are given. These cabinets offer complete security and confidentiality for your documents. Some of them are fire proof and can withstand temperatures of up to 1700 degrees.

Hon cabinets will help you organize your work area. You may choose the Hon 2 drawer cabinets if you only have a small amount of stuff to organize. If you want more security or greater space it would help to consider some other model.

The Hon file cabinet is known for its durability and strength. Thus losing the keys to them could be a real head-ache as you can’t easily pick the lock on it. You will need to immediately apply for a replacement key or seek assistance from Hon’s customer care center.

In case you do require a replacement key for any reason such as loss of key or the missing key from a second- hand Hon cabinet you just bought follow the instructions described below to get a new key for your Hon cabinet.

First locate your lock number and letter code that is etched in the metal next to the lock on your Hon file cabinet. Now call Hon on their helpline number. Pay for a replacement key and give your shipping and postal address. You can use your credit card to pay for your key. Your replacement key could cost about $6.

You can also order your Hon file cabinet key through fax to the customer service or parts division of Hon Hon file cabinet keys [http://hon-file-cabinets.net] or any other Hon cabinet with the possibility of obtaining replacement Hon file cabinet keys are not only very secure but are also reasonably priced. With the possibility of neat filing for separate files, Hon cabinets offer great organization for the work space. Make sure you consider these cabinets the next time you are refurnishing your office.

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